PurpleStream Cloud A revolutionary architecture driven by an adaptive bit rate technology

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Our streaming services increased the page views and average time spent by many folds that gave the winning edge for Puthiathalimurai to be a no.1 tamil news channel both on tv and on web

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Unique Single Source Multi-Device (SSMD) technology and integrated Video Delivery Platform enables webcast in broadcast quality.

The PurpleStream promise of superior performance is powered by next gen proprietary technology. Its unique Single Source Multi-Device (SSMD) technology and integrated Video Delivery Platform enables webcast in broadcast quality.

The entire technology sits on the PurpleStream Cloud - a revolutionary architecture that is driven by an Adaptive Bit Rate technology that is capable of delivering live video streams with zero buffering. PurpleStream delivers this high quality output even at low bandwidths such as 96Kbps at a resolution of QCIF. The technology can rapidly ramp up resolution up to HD streaming at bandwidths of 2Mbps and more. At the heart of PurpleStram Cloud technology blueprint is its robust transcoding offering.

PurpleStream Cloud uses a multi-rate switching technology to deliver a level of excellence in transcoding that is setting the benchmarks. It pioneers the option of multiple copies the same content at different bit-rates.

Early implementations of streaming media systems coded the same content at a few strategic media rates targeted for common connection speeds (e.g. one for dialup modern and one for DSL/cable) and allowed the client to choose the appropriate media rate at the beginning of the session. However, these early systems only allowed the media rate to be chosen once at the beginning of each session. In contrast, multi-rate switching system deployed by PurpleStream enables dynamic switching between different media rates within a single streaming media session. This mid-session switching between different media rates enables better adaptation to longer-term fluctuations in available bandwidth than can be achieved by the use of the client buffer alone. Rate control at end-hosts avoids congestion by dynamically adapting the transmission rate.

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PurpleStream CloudTM

The Live video feed is pulled into the PurpleStream cloud where our unique "Single Source Multiple DeviceTM transcoding is done. As the transcoding engine provides the profile based on the user device and platform, the streaming solution can be browser based requiring no additional software or app installation.

The PurpleStream Cloud Solution Integrated solution provides immediate hassle-free user experience by using smart algorithms that maximises QoS over any given bandwidth available with the consumer, over any wired or wireless network, and totally agnostic of the device they are accessing the feed from.

The PurpleStream Cloud solution leverages the cloud and CDN technologies to redefine the possibilities of Live Video streaming to enable broadcasters and content owners to stream live or on-demand consistently across the globe. It offers all of this with the added benefits of flexibility, scalability and quality, and a dramatic cost advantage. The solution works seamless and effectively to simplify the complex variables from star to end of the video streaming spectrum. Ultimately the technology empowers the PurpleStream promise to deliver one unified integrated adaptive solution that provides consistent and complete global delivery of video streams.